quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2009

Skinny Love

You're not my Denny. Because if you were, if it was so especial, you would fight. You would wait. At least a little bit longer. Now, you've just put all your love to waste. Then who the hell was I?

3 rascunhos alheios:

Jo. disse...

depois sou eu que vivo muito Anatomia.
depois sou eu que sinto muito.

gostei da sombra na foto, não posso comentar mais senão censuras isto :)

marianinha disse...

If he was your Denny, he would still be here waiting for you.

But I am :)
love you sista *

Xani disse...

it shouldn't hurt this much. it shouldn't be like this.

i love you anyway :) and i always will*


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