terça-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2009

On the shore of the wide world

"Alex: I like spending the night in strange places. I wanted to...tonight.
Sarah: There's thing we want to do Alex, we just can't always do them, you know what I mean?
Alex: What kind of things would you like to do? That you might not be able to do?
Sarah: Give up all my pills. Leave home. Live till I'm twenty-five at least.
Alex: You what?
Sarah: You heard.
Alex: You'll do that.
Sarah: I hope so.
I'm sorry about your mum and dad.
Alex: Yeah.
Sarah: Marriage is odd.
Alex: Yeah
Sarah: Sometimes I think it's a completely insane ideia.

(he looks at her)

Alex: you never fancy it?
Sarah: I'd marry Roy Keane.
Alex: Fuck off. (beat) Nobody else?
Sarah: You want?
Alex: Would you never marry anyone else?

(she looks away from him)

Sarah: My mum and ad's marriage is fucking weird and all.
Alex: You telling me.
Sarah: They were nearly alright you know? And then, just at the last minute they fucking lost the plot.
Alex: Are you crying?
Sarah: No.
Alex: Don't cry.
Sarah: I'm not.

(He postiones her in his eye-line and draws a line around her with his finger)

Sarah: What are you doing?
Alex: I'm drawing a line around you. With my finger."

From "On the shore of the wie world" by Simon Stephens

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Rita da Maçaroca disse...

Loved it! :)*

Mana * disse...

olha que coisas bonitas que tu andas a ler mana :)


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