domingo, 14 de março de 2010

What does stay?

My mam always said to me "Rosie, the man that steals your heart for the first time, will never give it back"...Well I don't believe it true. Cause he's still to come. My first man cannot be my real man cause he left me with nothing good to keep and that ain't no love. You know something? one day, He will come and he'll be a good man, with a good heart to give me a roof and to feed a family.

Im not saying i wanna leave this place, no, never, we could live right here. But I just want him to mean what comes out of his mouth, to say to me "don't worry Rosie, I'll always protect you", so I can tell my kids that their father was a great man...What? Yes, maybe, you're right, maybe I am being a bit stupid. Maybe that was my only chance and there will not be another man to come... It always happens, doesnt it? The man leaves the woman alone, it's not rare, is it? It's really easy, isn't it, to give in to passion? Because he is there...and you know they don't mean what they're saying, but they are saying it, and willing to give you something, that they call love but it really isn''s a fake one even if it seems real at the time... I'm smart enough to know it's a lie...Yes, I can do fine by myself.

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Mariana disse...

lovely dear :)


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